The One About “Magic Potions”

a4175118b539fdb30050c3f143d1eedfEvery family needs a “magic potion.”  You know, that one salve that solves all problems?

Remember the dad from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” that would spray Windex on anything to fix it?  That is the kind of magic potion we all need!

If you read my post called The One About Newborn Rashes then you already know that I have an infant with sensitive skin. However, we’ve recently discovered that at our house, the magic potion is Aquaphor!

Dry skin, diaper rash, cradle cap… Aquaphor seems to solve it all.  I am not paid for endorsing Aquaphor and really have no brand loyalty, but I do suggest you find a magic potion!

As winter continues, the air is drier and nights are cooler.  For many people this leads to drier skin and more eczema flares.   Having a magic potion is the key to prevention.  Lather it on!

Criteria for a magic potion:

  • moisturizing (emollients work the best)
  • dye free
  • fragrance free
  • easily available
  • the container can be bedazzled or decorated like a train (whatever your child’s preference is!)

Some suggestions: Vaseline (petroleum jelly), Eucerin, Cetaphil, Aquaphor.   Enjoy the cold weather, and follow every bath with a nice coating of magic potion!

Do you have a magic potion in your family?  We’d love to read your comments.


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