The One About Practical Healthy Habits

healthy habitsSummer is upon us, with the kids around the house more than usual, now is a great time to establish some healthy habits for the entire family!

It can be very easy to get stuck in bad habits that can affect our health negatively. Here are a few tips to help incorporate healthy habits into our busy lives.


  • Shop Smarter: Buy produce when it is in season. Be sure to freeze items for later use.
  • Make Healthy Food Easily Accessible: Keep fresh fruit snacks in a colorful bowl easily accessible to family members. Have pitchers of water easily accessible in the refrigerator.
  • Watch portion sizes: Use smaller plates and bowls for children. Discuss portion sizes with kids. Never sit down with a bag of snacks, always fix an appropriate portion in a bowl or on a plate.
  • Eat Breakfast: Skipping meals, especially breakfast, has been associated with obesity.
  • Cook with your kids: Children love to be helpers, and cooking with family can be a great way to learn about healthy eating and to spend time together.
  • Eat family meals: Eating together as a family can be very important for healthy lives, from a physical and psychological stand point. It is a great way for a family to connect.
  • Limit screen time: The AAP recommends less than 2 hours of screen time a day. This includes TV, phone, computers, tablets, gaming systems, etc.