The One About New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year!

I know many people have mixed feelings about New Year’s Resolutions.  I actually like the yearly ritual of reflecting on the year that has passed and thinking about the year to come.  I enjoy contemplating what I can do better and how my family can do things better in the year to come.  It is nice to take a moment to take stock of where you are, what is working well, and what could use improvement.
I have a few ideas for families looking to make healthy changes in the new year.  Don’t pick them all, but maybe, hopefully, something will ring true for you and your family and become a new healthy part of your family routine.
1. Eat a family meal (dinner, breakfast, Sunday lunch) on a regular basis.
2. Set aside designated phone free time– meal times, family game night, etc.
3. Get outside together!  Family walks, hikes, park time…
4. Cook more!  I have many families with older children that encourage their kids to look up recipes and help execute them.
5. Try new foods.  The farmer’s market is a great place for good fruits and veggies with knowledgeable people selling them.
6. Create a new family ritual– Friday movie nights, Sunday afternoon baking.
7. Read with your kids more.
In our work family, we are full of new beginnings as we enter 2017.  As we have moved our Vista Ridge office to our new location on Ronald Reagan, we look forward to establishing our new and improved routines as we continue to care for our patients.
Have a happy and safe New Year!