Graduation Wishes

Dear High School Senior,

Congratulations to you! Enjoy this time. For most this is a time full of fun and parties, celebrations, and moving on to next stages and steps in life.

Please be safe. Drive safely and only ride with people who do the same. Please don’t get in the car with anyone under the influence (of anything!). Wear your seat belt. Really, that one is so important. Many of you know or will know someone who is seriously injured or killed because their seat belt wasn’t on.

Take care of yourself. After all, if you don’t, who will? Create daily habits that keep you healthy and happy both now and in the long run. The basics are important- healthy foods, some regular physical activity, and a decent amount of sleep.

And as you head into this next phase of life, surround yourself with good people. Finding friends in the next phase can look the same as high school, or much different, but strive to spend time with people who make you your best self. Who you surround yourself with matters greatly as you move out from the family you have grown up with.

Congratulations, good luck, take care of yourself!

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