About the Author:

My name is Lee Keegan, and I’m a pediatrician in Cedar Park, Texas. I’ve worked with Cedar Park Pediatric & Family Medicine since 2010; we’re a group of 6 pediatricians and 2 family medicine providers.

I grew up in Austin, Texas prior to my rebellious move to College Station to attend Texas A&M University.  I received a BS in psychology, then went to medical school at The University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas.  After completing my MD, I did my pediatric residency training at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville.  After just enough time in Nashville to develop a taste for sweet tea and southern food, I returned home to Texas.

My husband and I married in 2006 and love living in Austin.  We have two black labs that are full of energy and keep us active.  I enjoy the outdoors, hiking and running, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, burying my nose in a good book, and traveling to new and well-loved places.

My goal for this blog is to serve as a voice that can be trusted to provide accurate information and interpretation of health information for children and families.  I also plan to have my partners and other colleagues contribute content that they find interesting and useful. In the process, I look forward to the opportunity to continually update my own knowledge and learn from you – patients, parents, and colleagues.  I welcome your feedback on topics discussed and things you’d like to know more about.


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